DECEMBER IN RED Live – Studio Seven, Seattle, WA

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DSC_0698Wednesday, June 10th, 2015, at the Seattle club known as , a  great hard rock/metal band known as  that formed in 2009 came home to their native Seattle, WA for a homecoming show. The result was a phenomenal night of entertainment provided by what could be described as a metal quartet.  They were the first act of the evening opening up for Scare Don’t Fear, The Family Ruin and tour headliners HED P.E.  , being the tour’s opening act brought the house down on their final stop of their “The Way Out Tour” to kick off the evening.

The hard hitting band opened the night with their first song Hooks and Splatters using heavy bass and drum tones with crushing guitar sounds to go along with singer Del McGeachy’s powerful voice.  The group has become more and more well-known for its unique signature sound while comparing to the likes of bands such as Chevelle, Deftones, and Incubus.  This sound has given ’s fans locally and across the country what they have been waiting for in this genre of rock/metal music.  They have even sealed a record deal with CaviGold Records LLC, a Seattle/Los Angeles rock and metal music label that started in 2012, which is home to bands like The Fail Safe Project, Lotus Crush, Under Sin, Devil’s Hunt Me Down, and many more.  In addition to playing their second hit single song, the ever-so-powerful Send Me A Postcard, which is a song that is very well known and loved by many of their followers, the Seattle natives played quite a few other songs from their self-titled album.  Some of the other’s included Arrested On Sight, Pelican, De D’Aur and their hardcore hitting single featuring the lead singer of HED P.E.’s  Jared “Jarhed” Gomes performing Hadouken, which had an extremely pummeling sound that could crush concrete to dust in a matter of seconds.

DSC_0745’s raw energy throughout their entire set is one of the things that really caught everyone in ’s attention.  With Dan Gardner on his seven-string guitars, Colbey Schnelle on his four-string bass and Marc Mercier on drums, they put on a final tour show that fans won’t soon forget.  The Seattle rockers closed out their seven song set on a high note with their song Chameleon.  With honesty and absolute truth, people in the venue of couldn’t have asked for much more in one set, especially from a supporting act that can without a doubt annihilate any adversary that comes in their midst. First-handedly seeing how their fans react to their  performance, one gets an immense and strong feeling that the rest of this year–and years to come–is going to be huge for December In Red . If you haven’t heard of or listened to this band, you are for surely missing out on something musically amazing!

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