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DSC_4654jDanish singer Mike Tramp passed through Las Vegas on his acoustic tour en route to Florida to board The Monsters of Rock Cruise before heading across America.  Making his new trek across the U.S., Tramp will surpass the 10,000 mile mark this tour.

Michael Trempenau [his given name] is best known as the legendary front man of White Lion from 1983 to 1992; however, Tramp was on the music scene in his early youth in 1974 in Copenhagen.  His vocal abilities have brought him lead singer status in bands from the start of his career and followed through until the split of his last band Freak of Nature.  Embarking on a solo career, he released his debut album in 1998 and continued to record and release of total of six solo albums through 2013.   While reforming White Lion as Tramp’s White Lion, he has a non-stop passion for his music.

DSC_4847jjMid-December, Tramp announced his extended U.S. acoustic tour dates. After spending three months in Indonesia and two shows in Australia, the man arrived in L.A. on March 16 to begin the journey across America with his son Dylan.  Count’s Vamp’d in Las Vegas welcomed Tramp on March 21 along with John Corabi, with whom he played three shows with.  After Corabi does an amazing set of acoustic hits as well, and the crowd is tuned in and ready for Tramp to take the stage.  Opening with Never Let You Go, he is greeted and cheered by a welcoming audience and is quick to compliment Danny and Korie Koker, owners of Vamp’d for having a place built for rock.  Two albums recorded with the original White Lion, he states there have been twelve more since and he jokes that most people would only know two out of the twelve.  Continuing with Ain’t The Life I Asked For, Going Home Tonight, What Am I, and Nothing At All, Tramp thinks back to ten years prior and speaks of memories of releasing More To Life and the deep emotions as he wrote the lyrics.  He then speaks of White Lion’s third album in 1989, Big Game and breaks into Broken Home and follows with Hungry and Lady of the Valley.  Speaking of war, famine, bombs, and tragic world events, one can sense the pride, passion, empathy and joy Tramp shares with his music and his audience.  One big question of the night he asks, “What happened to the plane?  We can push a button and find a small cell phone but we can’t locate a huge plane?”

DSC_4321kkThere are a couple of rowdy audience members that are yelling out for the goodies of Wait and When the Children Cry; Tramp readily states he’s saving them for last.  He says it’s all about the music, the here and the now.  He explains that he has moved on with his life from the days of White Lion and cherishes the times of those days.  He even jokes about the pants being made of the same material as Batman’s suit.  He laughs as he says when he finally opened a box and the pants had melted together after all these years.  His infamous jackets he still claims to have to this day.  He completes the night with When the Children Cry and Wait to a cheering crowd.  Tramp closes with an outstanding version of Radar Love and the night is over.  Tramp welcomes everyone to stay and say hello and meet the Mike Tramp of today.

As he leaves Sin City behind, he travels southward toward the sea and keeps fans and followers updated with his daily videos and posts along his journey.  During the tour, Tramp will play one of the most intimate acoustic tours performing hits from yesteryear as well as newly welcomed material from his latest album, Cobblestone Street.  It is definitely a night of reflection and forthcoming enjoyment.

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