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counterparts-the-difference-between-hell-and-homeHailing from Hamilton, Ontario, these hard-core merchants offer up their third long player.  If you’re reading this and battling a hangover then this album is one to avoid as the aggression is turned up to the maximum, and they’re not in the mood to tip-toe around anyone.  The Difference Between Hell and Home is the result of a band that are constantly courting hardships and struggles and insisting on doing things their own way.

Counterparts is all about the music.  The expressions of angst, frustration and disappointment permeate every chord as their loyal fan base soak up and empathise.  Compass is an emotional roller coaster ride and compliments other highlights which include Wither and Ghost.  The start-stop presentation in quick bursts that wrap themselves within the maelstrom of the audio onslaught, provide the gravel-sounding vocals a bed in which to writhe and scream.  This isn’t a soundtrack to Walt Disney; this is for the real world of pain.

The Difference Between Hell and Home throws up some tasty hard-core in the shape of Debris which really showcases what they do so well, and Witness, the first official single from this album which has a video lurking on the internet if you have time to seek it out.

Bathe in the poetic melancholy that is Decay to appreciate the truth shared by these guys.  It breaks up the flow of the album nicely offering up a rest bite and hinting at their underlying sadness.  Since forming the band in 2007, they have evolved as a unit and tackled their trials and tribulations whilst releasing two albums garnering critical acclaim to date.  If critical acclaim equates to integrity and integrity is the epitome of wealth, then Counterparts are very rich indeed.  With each album they seem to climb a little further.  Don’t underestimate Counterparts.

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