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88765440292Booklet.inddThe Savage Playground is a perfectly suggestive name for ’s fourth album.  Stockholm, Sweden’s own returns after three years with an album that is true to their glam/sleaze/punk metal style.  Simon Cruz (lead vocals), Martin Sweet (lead guitar), Peter London (bass) and Eric Young (drums) are the force behind their current album.

’s  history of chart-hitting songs have produced singles placing #12 or better and their third album, Generation Wild debuted at #3 on the Swedish charts.  The Savage Playground proves to be another album sure to hit the charts high with the track list of Change The World, Cocaine Cowboys, Anarchy, California, Lickin’ Dog, Circus, Sin City, Got A Reason, Drinkin’ Without You, Snakes In Paradise, Damaged Kid, Excited, Garden Of Babylon.

The band announced the release of Cocaine Cowboys, the first single from the album in December of 2012, before the worldwide album release on January 25, 2013.  Cowboys surprisingly starts with an acoustic sound and yanks you into head banging metal sleaziness, exactly what these guys are known for.  So many ass-kicking songs are featured on this album with outstanding unadulterated lyrics.  Cruz’s high pitches, powerful vocals along with Sweet’s guitar riffs and a few violins thrown in for an amazing twist will have you pressing the replay button.  With London dueling alongside Sweet and Young pounding the beat, it’s heart-pumping, fist-pounding action the entire way.  Anarchy may prove to be the favorite for die-hard fans, as thousands were able to catch a glimpse of the song from a previously recorded festival performance.  The pure rawness of their music will remind you why this album has been long awaited.  Anyone can see by just by reading the song titles this album serves up pure excitement with a few turns along the way.  Grab a playmate and join on the playground. 

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