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a - IMG_6175What’s got the look of an Indie Band, the performance of a Metal Act and the sound of pure funkadalia blended into the modern realm of rock and metal? The answer would be the band ! In September of 2014, the band blew the critics away at the World Famous when the group took the stage and performed a full set for the Hollywood crowd while touring through LA.

It’s amazing what ingenuity, talent and drive can do for aspiring artists when they write from the gut and produce music that is simply intrinsic to their own personalities. As a group of musicians hailing from the New Jersey and Philadelphia area, one has to wonder how they made it to the top of the ladder being so far from the heart of the music scene in Los Angeles, a place where their achievements are celebrated so strongly.

a - IMG_6206“We did everything ourselves, getting off the ground like we weren’t going to get the support we wanted,” guitarist Chris Bishop shared. “We put out a video ourselves, we were touring with our own funding and that’s when Wind-Up Records found us. They saw the video, checked us out live and if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be on this tour today.”

That tour is taking the band to the UK and across the US throughout 2014 to places that include the Verizon Theater in Grande Prairie Texas and the Ritz in Manchester England to name a couple spots most self started bands aren’t playing.  With a sound that often borders on a combination of blues laden sounds relevant to Black Crowes fans and grinding metal like that of Soundgarden, injecting a funky bass drive and an explosive on stage performance – if you haven’t seen , you haven’t seen just how good today’s radio ready rock music can be.

“It’s not rocket science that we’re doing,” Chris told us. “It’s really blues riff-rock stuff. As long as you’ve got a strong vocalist tying it together, it will all be okay. When it comes to writing, we just jam and the songs come together.”

a - IMG_6130The band released their debut CD as an EP titled The Legend of the Spaceborne Killer in 2012 before shifting their line-up around and introducing a revamped rhythm section featuring brothers Jake and Paul Figueroa. The band signed to Wind-Up Records in December of 2013 and by May of 2014 had their first official release with the permanent line-up, a self titled EP that put their single Nowhere to Hide on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart at the 16th spot.

The band’s extensive touring regime has seen them on stages with artists including Kill Devil Hill, The Sword, Clutch and KYNG as well as at the 2014 SXSW Festival and Rock on the Range. On their first ever UK tour, the band is appearing with the Virginmarys throughout September 2014.

Crobot - Something SupernaturalReviews have penned that the band shares the equivalent intensity of artists like Rage Against The Machine, Queens of the Stone Age and Soundgarden. Fans will hear the first full-length release to showcase just what the critics are praising on November 18th, 2014 when the full length CD titled Something Supernatural hits the streets.

Follow the band now on their official website or their social links at these website:

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the show.

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