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To some metal outsiders, Danzig doing an Elvis covers album might seem strange, but to Danzig fans this is a no-brainer.  Danzig has always had an Elvis-like quality to his singing style dating all the way back to his days in the Misfits.  Danzig has been working on this collection since 2016 along with guitarist Tommy Victor between their work on Danzig albums and the soundtrack to 2019’s Verotika film.  However, if one is expecting a darker, heavier version of these Elvis tunes as Danzig did on his past Elvis covers like Trouble (from the Thrall: Demonsweatlive EP) and Let Yourself Go (from the Skeletons cover album) then they will be surprised when they listen to this collection.  This album presents a more traditional take on Elvis than people might expect.  It is a little slower and sadder (it is Danzig after all) and there are distorted guitars, albeit mixed much more quietly than on a Danzig album, but it has more of a stripped-down bar band sound than what Danzig fans may be used to.  This album is really more for Elvis fans than Danzig fans as Danzig draws on some deep cuts from the King of Rock n’ Roll.  He does do a few hits, like the Leiber & Stoller song Love Me (better known by some as Treat me like a Fool), 1958’s One Night and 1972’s Always on My Mind, but most of it is lesser-known material.  (It is important to note that Elvis wasn’t really a songwriter, so Danzig is really covering songs popularized by Elvis if we are being technical here).  The album spans Elvis’ career from his more rockabilly tunes like to his later Vegas days and includes songs like Baby let’s Play House, Is It So Strange, and Pocketful of Rainbows.  Danzig had planned to showcase Danzig Sings Elvis in April at two intimate performances in San Francisco and Los Angeles before the COVID closures, but these will have to be rescheduled.  However, do not expect these songs to pop into Danzig sets as this was not his intention.

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