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Dark Age - A Matter of TrustAfter 18 years of hard work this German-based five-piece hard rocking unit unleash their seventh studio opus.  Incorporating modern studio trickery and merging it with thumping drums and distorted guitars, this album marches to a heartbeat that was started in 2009 with their Acedia album.  Putting the song first and placing emphasis on the whole sound of the album as opposed to focusing on the riffs is the main ingredient as A Matter of Trust unfolds.

Fight! is aggressive at stages, but the band don’t lose sight of the chorus as the hook is delivered in and amongst the angst.  This balancing trick is maintained throughout the eleven songs.  Afterlife is perhaps the most obvious example of Dark Age reaching out for some commercial acknowledgement as it pounds the ears with the blatant melody line of the chorus.

Lead vocalist Eike Freese said “In the song-writing process we realized: The more we allowed new influences, the easier it was for us to explore new avenues and to express ourselves.”  Glory is testimony to their attitude on this album playing with different moods and presenting an almost sorrowful atmosphere within the music.  The same recognition can be aimed squarely at Onwards! as it begins like a national anthem for the most dramatic thing you could imagine.  This song makes a good choice to end A Matter of Trust.  The pace is slowed down, and it plods like a giant robot heading home.

Out of Time with its venomous, aggressive verses presents a contrast with the clean and easily accessible chorus whilst Don’t Let the Devil Get Me juggles hostile tendencies with their flair for the cohesive combination of melodic delivery.

For a band that have sustained their lifespan with electronica and the harder rock sounds of the genre, they’re not offering up anything too radical that’s going to alienate their fan base, and it could touch those who are new to their style.

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