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Death Angel - The Evil DivideIt could never be said that Death Angel has had it easy.  Though second offering Frolic through the Park spawned MTV video Bored and provided backwoods chase music for Leatherface, a bus crash supporting third record Act III derailed them for a decade.  They returned to form on 2004’s Art of Dying pummeling out three more records between ’08 and ’13.  They were one of the original bands that gained an underground following through the tape trading early 80’s and they’re Carls Jr. approved.

Besides the hiatus, Death Angel is one of the longest standing non-Big Four names contributing to the Bay Area scene spawning the loud, snarling, warped speed style of metal that thrashed the world.

From the first day a copy of The Ultra-Violence was in hand to recording the current The Evil Divide they’ve made music to satisfy every heavy, hardcore genre foot-stomper.

The Moth’s blistering opening starts with razor-sharp riffing and drums accompanying rumbling thunder bass.  Cause for Alarm invites a circle pit, slam dance or well-intentioned mosh semi-automatic style.  Emotional rain runs red as Mark Osegueda lets the pipes out on Lost’s mid-stream mellow vibe, vocally heavy with proven scars.  Father of Lies opens with crunchy, gnarling riffs hardcore style.  Hell to Pay is ballistic thrash, happy as a pleasant face-pounding back alley style, smiling through bleeding teeth.

Smacked around by indecision, It Can’t Be This is rap flavored with rip-tide effect while Hatred United, United Hate’s down & dirty open crisscross of stringed hard-jangled notes builds straight into harsh marching guitar tirades.  Breakaway’s opening hazmat bass warns of wrecking ball guitars smashing buildings like blocks to make mortar rain, leaving the fear and pain behind.

The Electric Cell’s guitar notes and solos ripple like electrodes dancing through the helmet.

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