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Deicide - In the Minds of Evil“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”  What an interesting opening to an album.  This is just how In the Minds of Evil begins, with the infamous Glen Benton making this observation before the onslaught of the band crash the party.  Welcome to the 11th studio album by these well established death metal merchants, containing 11 tracks of sheer brutal brilliance.

None of the songs on this slab of well executed audio filth clock in at over the four-minute mark, and this adds an extra spark to the proceedings.  There’s no time for boredom, as the entire process grabs the attention and showcases the lessons learned from previous albums.  In the Minds of Evil is a ride that you won’t want to miss if you’re partial to good quality death metal.  There’s a reason why this band are held in such high regard, and since embarking on their journey under the moniker of Amon back in 1987 they have really stamped their supreme vision of what they do on the masses.

So it’s business as usual as Benton barks with his distinctive gruff tone to such death metal gems as Trample the Cross, Between the Flesh and the Void and Beyond Salvation.  In places the musical backdrop reminds of Slayer–which is no bad thing–as the relentless and crushing Kill the Light of Christ and Thou Begone dance to the satanic overtures slithering throughout.

Considered by some as one of the founding bands of this morbid and confrontational scene, Deicide know their parameters and have delivered another fine set of examples that reveal why they are so highly acclaimed at their art.  Subtle melodies weave themselves through the calculated collaboration of riff and rhythm, complemented by the words of Benton which are poisonous to the touch and riddled with conviction.

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