DESERT DRAGON – Comes to the Canyon Club

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IMG_8854Former White Wizzard front man makes the move to lead L.A. based metal artists with their first performance featuring the new line- at in Agoura Hills. Warming for Jack Russell’s Great White, the crowd shared their enthusiasm for the with applause and CD purchases to celebrate the new direction of the group.

’s high energy approach to metal made noteworthy mention in the spring of 201 when the booked a 6 show mini-tour that brought the to the festival in Texas. On their return toward Los Angeles, the performed on the rooftop of the Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and completed the string of dates with a packed show at the House of on the Sunset Strip.

IMG_8761Vocalist has added a element to the with his powerhouse vocal style, often compared to that of Tim Ripper Owens, or even Ronnie James Dio, ironically, who he is distantly related to. Offering a three song while the prepares to record a new album featuring Michael out in front of the band, ’s response and critics regards have heralded the rhythmic power of the as being top level musicianship that will inspire many who come after the in this genre.

Other bands of note to feature Michael’s skill set as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist have included The Peppermint Creeps, Midnight Silhouette, Hayley Dees, David Chamberlain, Skronky Kong and Omery Rising. White Wizzard’s 2013 CD release The Devils Cut shows the power and versatility in what Michael provides.

The forthcoming CD by Desert Dragon, slated for a late 201 early 2015 release (as yet unannounced officially) is being recorded and mixed by engineer James Barton (Rush, Queensryche, Metallica) and will provide a full featured follow to the band’s successful release.

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