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DevilDriver vocalist Dez Fafara has had a hell of a last few years from major family illness, near lethal wildfires and months of COVID quarantine.  He’s taking the remaining 2020 scraps and releasing the first part of a new double album, Dealing with Demons.

Vol. I has 10 tracks of new devastation with trademark vocals, screams and new tricks to make things interesting.

This year will never be forgotten with crowds temporarily gone to basements and backyards, mandatory masks and social distancing the present norm.

With horror fan’s favorite month here, Fafara drops new diabolus in musica bred to harness the senses and thrash the body with companion videos bringing songs to blunt, hard, nightmarish life.  You’d almost think there was sadistic pleasure in creation.

Dealing with Demons is a ritual barn burning collection beginning with Keep Away From Me as melodic notes chime in with methodical pace leaving only seconds for the first blast of screams and death metal-like riffs.  Frantic head-jerking reacts to speed and a piercing definitive statement of heavy screaming and social distancing, while Iona’s dark ominous notes conjure entry for the dark spirit.  It is a story so black that only metal could scream its tale.  The bloodthirsty verse conjures her black roses with the legendary lady’s immortal blood flowing through lyrics with guitars riffing down long distant backroads.  Fafara hisses her name in roaring rapture with dark, decayed petals for lost, taken souls in a campfire story for the deep, isolated woods to hear.

Simon Blade Fafara helps dad on You Give Me a Reason to Drink, thrashing, bottles clanking and bodies battling in pit competition, though no pitmaster is a match for the circle pit temptations of WitchesDealing with Demons pays the piper with a deal made and soul to sell. A cold chill in the notes starts closer Scars Me Forever as fumes of toxic relationships manipulate the mind, smashing the heart.

Dealing with Demons Vol. I is a new mission statement delivering on all cylinders.  If the sequel is better as predicted, we’ll have our T2 in a year or two.


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