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DevilDriver - Trust No OneAfter DevilDriver’s 2013 Napalm Records debut Winter Kills, Dez Fafara took a break, focusing on the rekindled Coal Chamber, thereby becoming Napalm brethren and giving DevilDriver a needed hiatus.

Recharged after many long hours and burned candles they’ve emerged with Trust No One.  The insidious glare of the predator’s eyes ripping through its prey’s skin mimics the music, from dangerous grooves to Fafara’s semi-automatic styled vocal charm spitting fire, nails and other gory artifacts and visuals from his spited acidic lungs.  Themes of madness, bloodlust, the thrill to kill and betrayal are explored under the wolf’s searing orange, reddened eyes beneath the sheep’s clothing.

Bad Deeds stands out with body bag tearing riffs and body thumping and thudding unit battalion drums. Vocals and guitars pleasantly struggle in unison like thrashing bodies fighting for freedom.   My Night Sky is a melodious march to midnight awaiting the gorific blood soaked killing serenade, slowly pulling down the night shades early.  Vocals start with slithering serpentine intent, licking the picture or cuddling the personal belonging of the night’s victim with guitars grooving in nocturnal darkness.  There’s a snarky sinister mid-section as the witching hour pulls out the darkest parts of men’s souls and the killers with the wickedest mind’s eye seek out screaming victims.

This Deception tears at personal turmoil with guitars providing the ball smashing straight jacket, tailor made.  Above it All happens when bullshit leads to betrayal from a friendship disbanded while trying to take the higher road.

The night air brings out the misanthropic beasts in men on Daybreak, but must hide by dawn before bullets fly–but the game’s not over.  Feeling Ungodly has some dastardly doings and intentions with evil groove.  Fafara digs down deep and guttural spitting black from his pipes like a post knife wielding riff attack, crawlspace search before the police come.

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