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Devin Townsend Project - The Retinal Circus (Audio)This is a typical example of the exuberance of this song writing power-house known as Devin Townsend!  There are various formats of this mammoth live spectacular which hopes to dazzle with visual delights and yet showcase some of the many highlights in his canon of audio excellence thus far.  There’s a “Die-Hard Deluxe Fan Box” which includes a two DVD, one Blu Ray and two CD collection, “Special Edition” two DVD, one Blu Ray and two CD box set; “Standard two disc DVD set”, “Standard one disc Blu-Ray” version and finally a “Standard two CD Audio & digital download version!!”

With the Festive season looming on the ever-closing horizon, take your pick which version suits you the best.  The two CD/digital audio versions are under review here and what a bonanza it has proved to be.  As Townsend explains, “My manager and I were looking for a way to sum up 20 years of my music, without making it seem that I was some kind of multi-headed hydra.  And over a period of time we came up with the idea of The Retinal Circus.”

With performers, musicians and all that was required to pull off such an ambitious display, the one spectacular night at The Roundhouse in London was captured for posterity.

The quality is undisputable in not only the songs themselves, but the audible production values.  Live albums can be highly divisive when recorded, but this is something special.  If you’re a fan of thinking, bombastic vocals and at times complex and progressive arrangements, then this could be your next wet dream.  If you search online, there’s a promotional video for the song Grace that hints at what lurks within The Retinal Circus.

Epicloud is an awesome example of what Townsend can produce in a studio environment and would make a great introduction to the overblown music that he can create.  It was released last year and if you’re a newcomer to the overwhelming talent that is this man, then perhaps Epicloud is a sensible purchase?

In the meantime, this excellent package which oozes the magic and special world of Townsend will truly satisfy fans of his back catalogue, and will intrigue or repulse those who stand on the sidelines.

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