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DTDcoverartfinalAfter 10 years together and one year of inactivity, Egypt Central officially pulled the plug and broke-up in December 2012, announcing that vocalist John Falls and guitarist Jeff James would no longer be part of the crew. At the same time Egypt Central’s bassist Joey Chicago and drummer Blake Allison disclosed the formation of their new band, .

In early May 2013, released their first album Time & Pressure, which was produced by the talented Skidd Mills, who has also worked with such big name bands as Saliva, 12 Stones, Third Day and many others.

We’re not sure what happened within the Egypt Central camp that led to their demise, but the music on this album may lend some clues. This appears to be an album primarily expressing anger and frustration.

Get Out of My Way, Move On and Handshakes to Fist Fights all seem to have similar themes that could be related to how Chicago and Allison felt after separating from a band who they had been part of for so long. In Handshakes to Fist Fights, the lyrics seem potentially inspired by the band’s break-up and the path they might have taken; in the beginning, forming relationships and making deals with “handshakes” before turning to metaphorical “fist fights” when the relationships or commitments within the band turned sour. They seem to vocalize their intent to keep moving forward regardless with lyrics like “I’ve come too far to fall back. I’m not going out like that.” In the track Move On, they seem to further emphasize they aren’t ready to give up with the line “I’m not done fighting yet.”

But in the tune Good Man, it’s almost as though they’ve worked through some of the turmoil and they’re now ready to accept responsibility for their own shortcomings and even seek redemption. Good Man was the first single release, and for good reason as it’s been met with overwhelming praise.

The Drifter is the one song that may not fit as well with the theme of the other angst-ridden tracks. But it’s still a nice addition. It’s more subdued sounding, and it’s a song which is easy to envision it performed acoustically around a campfire.

Chicago and Allison’s past success with Egypt Central has obviously made them some solid contacts in the music industry as they are scheduled to appear on tours with some well-recognized names including Buckcherry, Hinder and Sevendust. What a great way to promote Time & Pressure, and if the fiery passion of their music comes through in the live show, then this new band will be well received by fans. The album is solid; it’s one you can listen to from beginning to end. Purists may not appreciate some of the digital effects, but they mix in just the right amount to make it a bit more interesting. Time & Pressure is on track to become one of the best album releases of 2013, if not at the very least one not to miss.

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