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Three years after releasing her debut album, Boston born & LA based hard rock singer self-released her sophomore album American Dream on May 7th. delivers raw, honest and vulnerable lyrics emotionally charged through gritty and powerful vocals.

opens hard and fast with an anthem-like hook. A little rock n’ roll and a sultry vibe create the perfect title track. Ghost Myself is inspired by the sense of isolation and the love/hate relationship was going through with herself. Described as the most liberating song she has written, ’s passionate and epic vocal performance as she belts “Lately, I could kill to be someone else. I wanna just ghost myself.” Serves You Right brings a dose of breathless and haunting vocals that transcend into the right dose of pop-ballad and rock.

Obvious is a story about the end of a relationship and the turmoil of when someone leaves you to find someone new. You can hear the heartbreak through the tears as Diamante fights through the emotions every moment of the track. For a bonus, there is an acoustic version of the song at the end of the album.

One of the highlights of the album is Diamante’s duet cover version of the Goo Goo Dolls hit Iris featuring Benjamin Burnley, lead singer and founder of rock band Breaking Benjamin. After touring with Burnley’s band for several years, Diamante knew that he was the perfect person to collaborate with on a song she has held special for so long. Diamante and Burnley’s vocal dynamics in juxtaposition with a heavier sound revive the 90’s classic and make it better. Yes, sometimes the cover is better than the original.

From start to finish, American Dream is the start of a promising and long career for Diamante. Her decision to self-release her album may have been a risk, but has paid off with the creative freedom she needed to expand and showcase her growth as a songwriter.

Track List

Ghost Myself
Serves You Right
Wake Up Call
UnFuCk YoU
I Love Myself For Hating You
Iris (ft. Benjamin Burnley/Breaking Benjamin)
Obvious (Acoustic)

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