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If you are not a DIO disciple, The Very Beast of Dio, released in October of 2000, was a great introduction for any new or die-hard fan, however, some felt slighted as there were no tracks featured from the past few releases.

So when The Very Beast of Dio II was released on October 9, 2012, peace was again restored as the 17 track CD includes several of DIO’s best– including three bonus tracks sure to please even the most discerning follower.  This album continues where Volume I left off starting with songs from 1996 and moving forward to 2004.  The music compiled on this album is really amazing and reflects what Ronnie James Dio was doing during the time when the genre of metal and his records were only receiving play and purchase from his most hardcore disciples.

Included on this release are three bonus tracks, Electra, Prisoner of Paradise and Metal Will Never Die, which are such added treasures; even for those fans who already know these songs.  Electra, was originally recorded for the Magica II album, but was never completed.  Prisoner of Paradise was from Dio’s final studio album, Master of the Moon, and sources indicate this recording is an exclusive from a previously released Japanese CD.  Last but not least, Metal Will Never Die, which has been claimed to be the last recording Ronnie James Dio ever made.  It was released in 2010 on Bitten by the Beast, recorded for his friend, David Rock Feinstein.

Hunter of the Heart, is a live version from Inferno: Last In Live in Seattle, which was recorded in 1998 and is a much welcomed track.  All songs, of course, reveal the true reason Dio was remarkable.  Dio’s vocals and masterful guitar work is some of the best and will never leave a fan unsatisfied.  Friend and supporter, Eddie Trunk of ‘That Metal Show’, has contributed liner notes as part of the CD release as well.  Dio fans get your horns ready!  You’re about to raise and salute!

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