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Dirty Rocker Boys – Love And Lust On The Sunset StripEveryone knows her as The Cherry Pie Girl or Ms. Cherry Pie of Warrant’s Cherry Pie fame.  Bobbie Brown has written a rockin’ Hollywood, Sunset Strip tell-all with her book Dirty Rocker Boys which is co-authored by Caroline Ryder.  Released November 26, this book already has the 80’s and 90’s girls getting out the hairspray and the guys remembering they really did wear that eyeliner.

Starting out with a wham-bam-thank you Tommy Lee for the kick in the ass, Dirty Rocker Boys jumps from one rocker to movie star just as fast as you can turn the pages.  Love And Lust On The Sunset Strip more than appropriately fits the chapters in her book as she tells all from the days and endless nights of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.  The Baton Rouge, Louisiana blonde belle was a tomboy most of her young years and a beauty pageant brings out the want for further fame in modeling.  Pageants, Star Search, Hollywood and rockers; Great White, Warrant and Motley Crue, oh my!  Brown is soon to be swept off her feet by fame as a video vixen in Cherry Pie and the rest is history.  Everyone seems to know her history–but do they really?

Brown leaves nothing to the imagination and explicit details of extremely bad relationships starting early with her own parents and moving on to her own painful and disturbing relationships.  Adding drugs to the mix of her problems, she explains her addiction as a way of masking the pain she was in or the will to be thin.  Life and times were not all roses and sunshine for Brown as she struggled with pain and hurt from men.  She pursues revenge and more drugs and eventually years down the road she seeks to re-construct her life.  The book is a complete true perspective.  Just as she tells about everyone around her, Brown doesn’t cut herself any slack and shares her utmost intimate details of her life.  This is a definite read for any rockin’ hair metal fan, male or female.  It’s a definite read for Jani Lane, Warrant or Motley Crue fans.  It’s a definite read if you don’t mind pure torrid shock and laughter.  Bobbie Brown is still that All American Girl, she’s just a bit older and wiser.

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