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DSC_5283lkAs Guns N’ Roses brings their second residency to a close at The Joint at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in , hosts a night of and Friends at also located in The Hard Rock on Thursday night, June 5.

Among the lights and the music,  a crowd has gathered awaiting to see who will grace the Red Carpet Event for the evening and even more so for the chance to catch a glimpse of the host himself.  This is not your typical Red Carpet as rockers are a breed of their own, and it’s rousing to see each approach with attitude, laughter and their own style.  Arriving first were the who have been deemed “The Hardest Working Band in Vegas” with members , , and .  The Sinners have played many late night after parties at subsequent to the GNR shows during the residency.  They always fill the room with rowdy fans still wanting more even after a near three full hours of being pounded by Axl and the guys.

DSC_5262ikCrossing the carpet for the evening is the cast of the reality television series Gigolos, which is about five male escorts in .  Comedian , and from Rock of Ages as well as percussionists , , , and (also formerly of Ace Frehley) were among the next group for the bystanders.  Count’s 77s and is followed by from Uberschall and Unique Massive.  Laughter, hugs, and “horns up” as guests continue to arrive; and of get a rise from everyone nearby.  and former band mate from L.A. Guns join in the heralding as local band Electric Messiah trails with members , , and JP Michaels.  Just when it appears it’s all rock n roll, approaching the carpet is and .  The two are priceless as they joke and Jeremy who was in bad health just last year, actually lifts into the air for a moment for an uproarious moment.  Rounding out the night with of , Jason and Janea Ebs from Jet Velocity, Nadir D’Priest of London, of The Project and Systemic.

DSC_5141kThe host has finally arrived.  DJ Asbha with his lovely wife Nathalia are the perfect couple to end the Red Carpet night and carry the party on.  Once inside , the music is loud, the lights are strong, the party begins.  Ashba and a small entourage gather above the dance floor with DJ Casanova spinning some extreme dance music.  The party moves down three stories below the casino into the VIP area.  Entering the room, it is small, the crowd is large and the mirrored walls throw shadows and visions across the dimensions as elbow room make it quiet cozy.  Turn left, see ; turn left see and boxer, ; turn completely around and find , and Ron ‘’ Thal mingling among the masses.  Each are happy to share a pose and a smile for the camera.  Ashba’s sister, also in attendance is a perfect complement to the rock n’ roll atmosphere for her brother’s party.  Old acquaintances catch up, new ones are made, and stories flow as well as the cocktails.  Ashba, family and friends party well into the morning; it’s only rock n’ roll…Vegas Style!

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