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AC-DCThe rock legends have made more than a splash with their brand of rock n’roll over the decades and as they evidently approach the finish line of their illustrious career, they dig deep and present a studio album containing 11 new tracks which are easily accessible and showcase their insistent knack for boogie and hard rock.

For fans who thoroughly embrace each and every release of predictability, they will be holding in their hands another solid example which conjures up images of throwing his schoolboy shapes on stage, and some riffs which echo a formula which has presented such magnificent cornerstones such as It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock’n’Roll), Whole Lotta Rosie, For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) and many, many others.

Lacking anything resembling an epic moment like Thunderstruck or Let there Be Rock, what Rock Or Bust does offer the eager listener is a cohesive collection of short bursts of infectious and immediate AC/DC.  Everything from the title track, the single Play Ball and Rock the Blues Away provide a sway which is both familiar and comfortable.  Who is seriously expecting the mighty rock band to change their approach at this late stage of their journey?

Like a good friend you know so well, this album is an improvement some will find on their previous outing in the shape of Black Ice, which in hindsight seems bloated on repetition and notable for anything which may be considered consistently strong from start to finish.  Rock Or Bust is the safe and certain brother of Stiff Upper Lip with perhaps more strut, better material and a last-ditch attempt at finding their mojo.

Miss Adventure complete with naughty wink, Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder along with Hard Times show a band who felt more boogie, groove and straight ahead rock music was the order of the day than their blues angle.  Enjoyable, predictable and reliable even if recently went on record as saying he went into the recording process with fingers crossed and eyes shut!

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