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Adage - DefinedDescribing themselves as modern rock, this edgy quartet have delivered a full frontal attack in the shape of a five track extended player with bite.  Throwing away all formalities, the band when broken down to individuals like to be known on a first name basis.  Welcome aboard Justin on vocals and guitar, drummer Alex along with bassist Johnathan and guitarist Luke.  United they explore the varying textures they produce through their music and Defined may be an appropriate title for this release.

Mainstream U.S. rock radio may like to keep an ear on these guys, especially when a chorus on first official single Hold On strokes the senses amongst the prominent waves of distortion.  There is a punch to the guitars when they rock and in contrast the delicate flavors are captured well during moments on both Best Of and Growing Colder.

It is easier one would imagine to release a collection of five songs than to endeavor to unveil a full-blown album of ten or more tracks.  Whatever the reason is for such a cohesive and impressive group of songs, from North Carolina have unleashed moments of melancholy on By Myself which ends the E.P. whilst also looming large with a dark foreboding shadow on opener Anymore.

If you’re looking for a hard rock band who invest more than their fair share of emotion in their song-writing, appreciate the balance captured by established heavyweights like Staind, Bullet for my Valentine, Sevendust and recent exploits by Godsmack, then these guys add something magical to the mix.  Powerful in both their restless sound of reflective and driven in conjunction with a highly complementary presentation, Defined is going to make a lot of fans happy.

This is merely their humble beginnings and Defined hints at more interesting times ahead when and if they’re ready to commit to an entire full length album.  Leap aboard if you dare on a highly addictive set of tracks that provide much promise.  Only time will tell if it is Defined by name and Defined by nature.

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