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ADRENALINE RUSH - ADRENALINE RUSHThis self-titled debut proved to be a thrilling surprise.  The name of the band hardly conjures up feelings of excited anticipation, and knowing lead vocalist used to be in a pop music duo called didn’t exactly set the right vibes either.  Thankfully, these observations are only on the surface of what is a fabulous 11 track collection of 80’s style melodic hard rock.

Backing Wanning are four musicians from Stockholm who provide a tight and energetic performance which culminate in examples like the first single, Change.  The opening riff is familiar but the song grows from there to cast a spell with an accessible chorus.  Generation Left Behind spits with attitude and would be embraced in the live environment whilst the influence of Mötley Crüe is all over the foot stompin’ Girls Gone Wild.  Soaked in the atmosphere of a beautiful Swedish summer, Adrenaline Rush continues to slap the ears about with other gems like No No No, Want it All and the album-closer Hit You like a Rock.

They avoid the one-dimensional trap as they mix up their impervious riffs with delicate and spacious instrumentation allowing for the rush to have an evident impact.  One danger from this glorious affair is the music may prove to be far too instant for its own good.  Only time will tell naturally, but as you spin this album, tracks like the ballad-esque When We’re Gone and the sublime equilibrium exhibited within the fabric of album-opener Black n’Blue reiterate in the here and now that Adrenaline Rush is groovy driving music and a great up tempo companion.

If you went down the road of thought believing their second album should be produced by someone with the attitude and skill of Bob Rock, then it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine the smooth and chunky power and gravitas of Metallica’s ‘Black Album’ or the Crüe’s Dr. Feelgood album being achieved with these eager young melodic adrenaline seekers.  For now though, if you’re hungry for a new band who capture the zest of the 80’s hard rock movement melding together all manner of your favorite bands, you could do a lot worse than listen to this self-titled debut album.  Let the sun shine brightly; dust down your air guitar and soak up the fresh ambiance projected by this quintet who want you to feel the .

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