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Bailey – Long Way DownThe name of the band is a reference to the surname of an English guitarist and vocalist named .  At the age of 12 he picked up a guitar thanks to the backdrop of a musical family and hasn’t looked back.  Classic sounding distorted riffs aplenty drift into the cosmos and his voice essentially clean with a hint of a husky edge compliment the sound and provide the essential ingredients for his “big” solo studio album launch.

On this basis alone he may be a new name, but if you’re an avid fan of all things classic and melodic within the genre of rock music you’ll perhaps be familiar with .  They released their self-titled debut album earlier this year and by most accounts it was well received.

tackles lead and backing vocals plus handles guitar duties and also contributes the bass with Alessandro Mori providing drums.  Together with the comforts and luxuries of a good studio they have strong material such as the infectious and instant appeal of Dirty Little Secret, the powerful majesty of In the Name of the King and the ever hopeful ballad Spend the Night.

If push came to shove some might exclaim this solo album is better than his work with (Dare, Ten, Bob Catley and much more) on the self-titled album.  It is difficult to deny when you hear the driving album-closer Dirty Angel or the mid-tempo and restrained Love Falls Down; both providing icing on the cake if any was needed thanks to the strength and consistency of the 11 tracks.

Some might suggest this release is a dark horse slipping through the ranks and giving the melodic corner of the universe of rock a kick up the backside, but whatever your stand-point there is no escape from the fact this is a cohesive and generally strong album.

Who would have thought in England could hold such glorious secrets amongst its streets?  Hardly a location known for grand musical history and more as a place of general historic value like its reputation as an international point for textile manufacturing; would it seem need not worry about being a , but more like nearing a bright light of generous recognition?

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