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Birth Of Joy - PrisonerWhat would you think if you were rummaging through new albums in your local music shop and you stumbled across some cover artwork depicting a vibrant red/dark orange style background with what could be a giant raven looming over some poor tiny human being?!  Not sure what musical delights lurked within, it’s quite an adventure when you decide to take the plunge and crank it up!  This three-piece come from Amsterdam, Holland and enjoy sharing their musical influences which mix up MC5, The Doors and some Pink Floyd.

Openly announcing to all and sundry that their sound resembles psychedelica, blues and steaming rock n’roll; the vibes are most apparent when you’re exposed to the swirling The Sound, the progressive Three Day Road and the haunting chain-gang vibe of the title track.  On this eclectic and bonkers audio journey whilst taking in the fumes of their aura, don’t forget to take in the swagger of Longtime Boogie as it echoes early ZZ Top or the frantic and frivolous energy exerted throughout How it Goes.

Birth of Joy has a secret weapon in the quirky contributions of Gertjan Gutman who not only tackles bass duties, but is the component playing the organ.  These splashes of color and texture create an identifiable ambience which elevates this band from blending in to the sea of like-minded bands.  With production values sounding like yesteryear absorbing an analogue flavor, Prisoner effortlessly likes to simmer with a confident flair and an attitude that states they’re going to do what they want whether you approve or not!

Mad Men develops a rolling groove which is irresistible as it likes to plunder an era where flared pants weren’t unusual, while the lumbering Holding On sounds like a song by The Doors which we never had the privilege of witnessing when they were around in their heyday.

Prisoner is an album by a band who are now comfortable in their skin, yet a band who wish to keep pushing the boundaries of their creativity.  Shamelessly retro in feel and yet radiant in warmth and delivery, this album is something for those who enjoy adventure and appreciate the sound of an era where the summer was a season to love, and extra-curricular activities included chemical experimentation and rolling around in mud.

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