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Blitz KidsThis UK-based quartet experienced a minor line-up change in 2012 after releasing their debut full length studio album in 2011 called Vagrants & Vagabonds when their original drummer and guitarist both left the band.  Deciding they only needed to replace the drummer with new sticks-man Matt Freer they are now ready to unleash their next chapter of musical output.  Has this created a new beating heart of creativity or is their sense of identity somehow diminished?  Despite the sound on The Good Youth being a large leap from what was showcased within Vagrants & Vagabonds, the core values seem intact and are healthy.

The Good Youth exhibits the modern studio sheen you’d expect from the youthful wave of poppy-punks that are flooding the scene.  This modern and contemporary sheen works well with the material which includes highlights like On My Own, the first official single Sometimes and Sold My Soul which adds subtle strings to underline what is a rock song through and through.

The lyrics are shared courtesy of lead vocalist Joe James, who tackles subject matter like anxiety or mental health in general (Title Fight, On My Own and The Sound of a Lost Generation), relationships (Pinnacle and Run For Cover) and the constant striving for something better (Perfect and All I Want Is Everything).

This collection of twelve tracks is credit to their mantra which is to “keep swinging” and to endure change and challenge.  To think that this band was originally known as “Rig up Explosive” is something that shouldn’t be dwelled on, as their current band name is so much more streamlined with go-faster stripes!  If you’re new to this party, then this album is a good place to start with a great production value, hook-laden kisses to the ears and a vibrant, fresh energy that weaves throughout.  Let’s get blitzed!

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