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Bloodbound – Stormborn cropIn the hazy days of 2004 in a location within the mighty fine country of , two creative and passionate minds became one giving birth to the entity known as .  They released a debut studio opus in 2005 and haven’t really looked back as and steered the sonically powerful and triumphant metal creature to further releases and an ever-growing profile.

Some of you may have been smashed around the ears by the beauty captured by Battle Beast in recent times, but here is another example of how power and glory have been caught up in the combination of swirling melodies, rampant riff and drilling drums!  Smoothing off the jagged edges which were prominent on their 2012 studio album In the Name of Metal and perhaps leaning more in a direction frequented by Dragonforce, have delivered quite an album.

With their pride for all things metal and furious still evident for all to hear, songs like the rapid Nightmares from the Grave which belies its undercurrent of Celtic flavours; the pounding choral stomp of Iron Throne and the soaring title track which gallops through the opposition with a sturdy self-belief; all showcase a band which are growing with precision.

One of their secret weapons it would be safe to say exists within the vocal prowess and performances of who delivers some impressive lung-busting moments throughout.  Check out most of the 11 tracks for proof.

The six-piece which for general consumption declare their hometown is in , batter and pummel the listener with glorious overtures of a warrior’s cry by unleashing tracks like Blood of my Blood, album-closer When All Lights Fail and We Raise the Dead.  Not so much an album therefore of strong songs and moments of filler, but a relentless quest to push their musical aspirations to the next level.  As the listener, you’ll be rewarded by a satisfactory experience as a result.

This is unadulterated, well-executed metal for the masses in a world which may have concluded that Nickelback and Linkin Park were the only purveyors of a rocking sound purchased by the throng of supporters.  Those of you aware of Saxon, Iron Maiden and the plethora of other metal bands which continue to fly the flag for a sound which is jagged, testosterone-driven and untamed by commercial temptation might well rejoice when the ears are shaken to their core by Stormborn.

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