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body-count-bloodlust, the hardcore band that originated as a side project of rapper and actor , made its major label return March 31 via Century Media with the release of its sixth album, Bloodlust.

In a world brimming with social and political unrest, has once again come forward with 11 tracks of thought-provoking lyrics and blistering fretwork. Around 25 years after the release of the band’s first album, L.A. rapper turned rocker is still addressing similar themes of racism, poverty and police brutality on the album, and they feel more relevant than ever.

The album features a pretty faithful rendition of Slayer’s Raining Blood, alongside cameos by Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe and Soulfly’s Max Cavalera.

The album opens with Civil War—which paves the way for what’s to come with heavily distorted guitars, a doom-laden ambiance and an arresting guest guitar solo from Mustaine. The track also features some very low, deep growls in the chorus.

No Lives Matter is an anti-profiling rager and it’s riddled with scorching lyrics. The song is pure fury and, by the time it hits the chorus, listeners can expect to be throwing chairs through the window.

The fourth track, Black Hoodie, carries a simple message: it’s become acceptable to kill someone because of what they’re wearing. Remaining relentless in its aim to expose law enforcement for using police brutality and deadly force when completely unnecessary, backs this track with its signature blend of hard rock instrumentals and hip-hop style lyrics.

While most bands might slow by the final track, it becomes apparent in Walk With Me, featuring Blythe, that that’s just not how Body Count rolls. This mosh-worthy track parallels the opener for Bloodlust and, much like the rest of the album, it’s hell-bent on nothing more than total annihilation of anyone that should fall in Body Count’s path.

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