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bright-midnight-300px“They were the voices of Gantry Elliot’s generation- Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison- comets that lit up the sky and disappeared too soon. Elliot longs for the days when rock and roll blazed with fierce originality, even as he struggles to keep up with current trends as an investigative reporter for Rolling Stone. Still, it was a comfortable living, until someone started sending him anonymous packages containing cryptic notes and eye-popping revelations. As the packages grow more urgent and frightening, Elliot is forced to confront a terrifying possibility-could someone be behind the deaths of these music legends? With the help of the FBI, he follows the trail, which might lead to copycat murders, a serial killer- or something even worse.”

So reads the description of Chris Formant’s new book Bright Midnight. Focused on members of the “27 Club” (musicians that died at the age of 27), this book follows Gantry Elliot as he leads the investigation into these cases from years ago. Gantry, a writer for Rolling Stone, has been with the magazine since the days these stars were in their prime, and may have had some close relationships with them as well.

This book is a very entertaining read. For one, there are “cameos” from people such as Dave Grohl and Lenny Kravitz. Things keep popping up-little snippets of information or names of people that may be involved- that will have the reader running to Google to see if that might be true or if that person really existed. These deaths have long been the subject of conspiracy theories as well as simple disbelief that the deaths were as cut and dry as they were reported to be, and though this is a work of fiction, it does raise valid questions.

Author Chris Formant is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Board of Trustees. His bio states that he conducted exhaustive research into the archives of the Hall of Fame, which leaves us to wonder what kind of secrets might be hiding in those archives. He has also clearly researched current forensic techniques and there is no question he knows his stuff. The beautiful cover art is by legendary Fillmore poster artist, David Singer.

This book will draw you in and may even have you starting your own research into what might actually have happened to these young musicians. Formant does a great job of raising questions and proposing possible answers. Although this is a work of fiction based on true events, believe me, you will start to question your beliefs about these stories. Definitely a great book-beautiful cover art as well! This book would look beautiful on any bookshelf!


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