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Buckcherry-FuckThis new E.P. presents some interesting thoughts.  Firstly there are two versions of this E.P. with one containing an extra track which is a cover version of the Aerosmith classic Mama Kin, and the other version containing six tracks which all incorporate the F-bomb.  Is this adolescence gone mad or is it purely attitude-driven hard rock music?  Is this some sort of statement against censorship perhaps?

Knowing the Buckcherry back catalog and their savvy way with a party anthem and their essence which is truly embedded in the spirit of rock n’ roll, you may be inclined to say that the above questions are too philosophical and deep!  This is a foot-stompin’ barrage of hook-laden and provocative rock music; plain and simple.

You’d be right to think these guys keep busy as not only promoting this brand new E.P. fills their agenda, they also intend on giving their fans a premium seat thanks to and fully plan on delivering their new ‘singles club’.  Let’s not dwell on such frivolities, what the fuck does this E.P. sound like?!  Well your favourite radio station won’t be playing any of these tracks in a hurry.

Initially released back in 2012, a Swedish pop duo called Icona Pop had some success with the assistance of Charli XCX scoring a hit single with I Love It.  Amusingly, Buckcherry snatch this song from nowhere and splash it with the waters of their uncompromisingly distinct assault.  Re-titled Say Fuck It, their version is cranked loud and works very well despite pinching some Thunderstruck inspired guitar work which they weave into the fabric of the song.

Other highlights which work well once you put the expletives aside include Somebody Fucked with Me, The Motherfucker and It’s a Fucking Disaster.  The irony is that a song-title like I Don’t Give a Fuck suits this band like the right sized shoe fits your foot, and yet the song isn’t as strong as the others.  The same could be said of the final track from the six track version of this E.P. being reviewed here.  Fist Fuck is a throw away track very much infused with the energy and attitude of your average rough and ready late 70’s punk nugget.

If you’re a fan of the band this E.P. is an essential purchase complete with all the ingredients you’ll be familiar with.  If you’re only a partial fan, then acknowledging the principles of everything being relative, there are four tracks which are good and two which are a little short of expectation.  Does it matter? Of course it fucking doesn’t.

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