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CD4PGThere’s very little disputing the impact this quintet have had on the metal fraternity.  Two attractive front-women backed by a sleek-looking band of three guys have laid waste to many audiences who have been feasting their ears and eyes on the entire exhibitions the band have shared to date.  Their debut full length album Goliath showcased their aggressive and brutal outpouring of roars, growls and frenzied riffs.  Is there going to be any change with this curious EP devoted to cover versions?

First off is their rendition of the classic Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers.  There are vague similarities but the magic which made the original a classic are truly minced, shredded and mashed into an angry pulp here.  With the floor tiles splattered in blood and leftover internal organs, the throw poses and tease their way through They’re Coming to Take Me Away.

This version is balanced out with brutality between some mischievous moments and is somewhat appealing.  If you’re a fan of the original which celebrates insanity in the most frivolous of ways then in an ironic way, the take the insanity to an all round edgier location with their rendition and if you’re in a suitably dark mood, this might appeal thanks to the obligatory swear word and change of tempo.

Don’t Give a Fuck originally penned by Suicidal Tendencies whizzes by like a whirlwind keen to reach its destination spitting venom and attitude out at anyone within reach.  With a recovery not in sight yet, what would have to say when they catch the monster which beats at the heart of the cover of Crazy Horses provided by the ?  That is a reaction someone needs to catch with a camera and stick thereafter on YouTube for a little publicity!  The version here as you can imagine is rife with a machete and taut enough to garrote any unwilling victim.

Sparing no graces or excuses, the band is in great form and it feels like they’re having real fun.  Who could be mad at a group of individuals embracing a great sense of nostalgia and abusive homage?  With those thoughts swirling around the battered skull, you don’t even care what their rendition of Pussy Whipped sounds like because you already know.

Yes, this EP of five tracks is truly awful.  Yes, it almost feels like the entire process was a waste of time.  But alas, once you hear their version of They’re Coming to Take Me Away, you realize that they were simply over-zealous with the inclusion of the other tracks!  If you’re looking to bruise and assault your ears for Christmas, or even for Halloween, then download that version which is off-the-charts insane.

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