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Crobot - Something SupernaturalLike someone leaving the window open as a gush of wind enters a busy office and papers are blown all over the place, paperwork flies here and there captured in a moment of brief chaos; this is the imagery that might accompany listening to Crobot and their studio long player called Something Supernatural.

This Pottsville-based primal rock outfit made up of Brandon Yeagley tackling vocals, Bishop on ‘geetaw’ and backing vocals, alongside Jake Figueroa playing bass and Paul Figueroa dealing with drums and percussion; remind of a unit like The Graveltones or Pint Size Hero. There is a breed of rock that hints at blues, fuzz pedals and a sense of melody and genuine emotion which has crawled from several ominous gutters located around the globe. Crobot are another fine example of this remarkable style.

The sort of rock music on display here belongs in a sweaty and grimy bar somewhere. In an arena where live music is let loose to blossom brightly before an enthralled audience who lap up each and every chord and note that is sent into the hot yonder; an environment where eager bodies are crushed up against each other as the throng watch and listen to four individuals who unite to throw shapes and poses to a backdrop of distorted energy.

Nowhere to Hide, The Necromancer and Fly on the Wall push the right buttons and qualify as highlights within an audio bruiser consisting of 11 tracks. La Mano de Lucifer meanders a little to begin with before picking up the pace and invests a different tempo which is welcome. If you were to criticize Something Supernatural you may wish to point the guilty finger towards the lack of mellower moments which would bring a satisfying contrast to proceedings. Where albums deviate in to softer territories they bring about a stark contrast to the rocking elements and therefore showcase varied textures and an abundance of different flavors. Alas, this album does hint at such hidden pastures when listening to La Mano de Lucifer and album-closer Queen of the Light but doesn’t sustain the sentiment.

If your ears are hungry for some dirty groove-ridden twistin’ and turnin’ rock music encapsulating all manner of influences into the mix, then this album might reach up and touch your soul. On the other hand, if you wish to be entertained in a straight ahead instant fashion, then let your inner-self digest and feast upon Nowhere to Hide and The Necromancer and content yourself with those nibbles. Not sure it’s something supernatural, more like something superfluous.

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