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Demon Hunter - ExtremistFew bands are as unappreciated as Demon Hunter. With a massively devout fan base, seven albums, and fourteen years under their belt, Demon Hunter is the unspoken powerhouse of the metal world, and yet they still aren’t hugely popular. It begs the question, “why?”

Demon Hunter started in Seattle in 2000 by brothers Ryan and Don Clark after Ryan’s former bands, Focal Point and Training for Utopia fell apart. Don is no longer in the picture, and with a few other line-up changes, the group has well rounded themselves over the years. It’s (Ryan) Clark’s vision though that has made the band such a strong group.

Back to the question at hand. With all these things going for them, some may ask, “why aren’t they more popular?” and it’s purely on Mr. Clark’s vision. Demon Hunter doesn’t fit a mold. They have always grazed along the edge of the genre that is metal and Extremist is no exception. The latest addition to the band catalog, Extremist expounds on the stylistic shift the band has been pushing since their fifth release The World Is A Thorn and more prolifically on their last release True Defiance. The group did take a softer approach though on this album with the groove metal influence Artificial Light, the ballad I Will Fail You, and the semi-ballad The Last One Alive. There are a few super heavy gems on this record though, Death sticks out as a solid example of the heavier more traditional Demon Hunter sound. Over all, Extremist is a lot different than the previous Demon Hunter releases, but it is still Demon Hunter and deserves that respect from anyone that calls themselves part of the Blessed Resistance.

Extremist is a strong album, almost as strong as the visionaries behind it, but it doesn’t necessarily meet up to par with what we have come to expect from the band (too many ballads). This album is for fans of Lamb of God, Living Sacrifice, and early In Flames and garners an 8/10.

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