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Diabulus In Musica - Argia is really exceeding expectations this year.  As you all recoil on mass to the overtures by Within Temptation, and Elysion amongst many that have cast their spell and a significant shadow over the world of with their recent releases, it’s time to take a united deep breath as Spain’s very best representatives of such symphonies of unleash their latest collection.  Encased in drama, a large sound and the intentions of an beating heart, are very proud of their achievements with number three!

Argia begins with some pure goodness which for intents and purposes is a foreboding atmospheric piece supporting a beautiful example of the evident talents of lead vocalist Zuberoa Aznárez.  Et Resurrexit (Libera Me) features a moment of tribal drums and ends in some sincere and soft Gregorian chant before the drums announce their presence and with some choral evidence and some speedy metal, the listener is transported to the flickering flames of a lonely burning bonfire in a desolate graveyard.  From the Embers is so good as the female lead vocal is juxtaposed by a truly growling and nasty snarling male vocal.

First official single Inner Force charges along with an accessible chorus to boot, and along with other notable delights like Healing which features a truly inspiring and stimulating performance from Aznárez; Furia de Libertad (English translation – of Freedom) with the twin lead female vocals (featuring from the outfit Sirenia) and songs like Eternal Breeze, make Argia a truly stunning album. 

There are many languages invested in the lyrics and wordplay throughout Argia.  There’s Latin, Basque and Spanish in conjunction with English.  Not only do the words challenge the listener or analyst of this special release, but you’ll find that the music itself is intense in places and should not be too hastily.  Parts of Argia are instant and agreeable whilst are slow-burners which all this ascend to greater heights. This is a jewel that catches the eye after being coated in the beams of a moonlight and is most certainly for those who have some patience and appreciation of the finer things in the world of darkness.

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