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Die So Fluid-the opposite of lightThis three-piece made up of the charismatic Grog on vocals and bass, Mr. Drew on guitars and Al Fletcher beating the skins have already shared their musical exploits via three previous studio albums and several other releases.  There’s no time like the present to play catch-up with their style of hard rock.  Their latest studio offering packs a punch thanks to an impressive 16 tracks.  This could either signal panic with thoughts of a bloated and over-the-top amount of dross, or make the insides rejoice due to the potential plethora of audio delights that await discovery.

Nightmares bodes well as the album-opener incorporating a bitter-sweet melody amongst what might first appear as a meandering structure.  First single Comets maintain the momentum capturing a darker undertone to the presence of The Opposites of Light.  Highlights including the hints of Egyptian pleasure in Black Blizzard, the fragile and atmospheric Dream Sequence plus the raging intent of Crime Scene give the listener an insight in to their varying shades and textures.

It would be safe to say no matter what side of the fence you stand regarding Die So Fluid, you have to admit they have their own presence and drama with image intact and some very cool music in their catalog.  The Opposites of Light is quite a mountain to climb in a day and age where people seemingly have little time to really sit and digest their purchases.  Too much choice or too little time can complicate the space of an individual, so the question remains lingering over an album that consists of so much material whether it will truly be appreciated and allowed to grow.

Artists and bands like Def Leppard and The Cult are consistently questioning the concept of the album in these modern days with good reason, but if you’re a fan – an album will do very nicely thank you.  The Opposites of Light requires time and patience to fully understand what a dark beauty it is.  It has been over three years in the making so therefore the tender love and care invested is without question; the only question left is do you have the time to cherish this extravagant journey?

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