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dorydrive-heres to youOriginating from Nashville, Tennessee, alternative pop/rock band released their first album, Calling On Angels, independently in 2012 and have since been touring relentlessly, supporting such acts as Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, and Sevendust, among others. In 2013, the band signed with First Launch Records and released their sophomore effort, Here’s To You on February 25th, 2014.

Comprised of vocalist Mathieu Nevitt, formerly of the Georgia-based band Echovalve; and Joey Zak, Tom’e LaBrosse, Henry Koller and Nicholas Mendini of Milwaukee’s Marashino, these veteran rockers have honed their sound into a perfect mix of pop and rock, with a little bit of country thrown in while you are at it.

Nevitt has the kind of voice that the ladies love and men wish they had; strong and confident, while being able to effortlessly navigate into the falsetto realm, most notably on the tracks Tattooed, Never Easy, and the title track, Here’s To You.

This band is hard to classify genre-wise, as a single tune may start off with a somewhat country sounding guitar part, then transition to a rock vibe, with pop elements thrown in as well. They certainly keep you guessing, and, in turn, keep you listening.

has a great grasp on the rock ballad–one standout being All The Same, along with the piano-driven When The Lights Burn Out. There are tunes you can dance to in addition to tunes you can raise your fist to.

This is a great second release from a band that we are sure to hear more from in the coming years. The title track Here’s To You is already making waves in radio markets around the country, so be sure to call your local station and request to hear some .

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