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DOUBLE EXPERIENCE – 721835Don’t sweat too much with anxiety over not knowing about these neo-nerds from Ottawa.  They’re a quartet who embrace their nerdy credentials, and luckily for those who may be concerned also know how to knock out some chunky riffs and melody lines.  Joining lead vocalist Ian Nichols is the rhythm section of drummer Kenny Saunders and bassist Tim Kealey with guitarist Brock Tinsley providing the distortion.

This new album is recognized as their 2nd studio release although it is their first long player and with the band name of Double Experience.  Beating their proverbial fist against convention, they unveiled a collection of tracks under the title of One Big Quicksand as Colfax, but now it is time for Double Experience to bring their followers and fans to the next step.

Complete with eye-catching song titles, 721835 offers the listener an opportunity to digest nine tracks which zigzag through distorted-driven hard rock music.  Gambit launches the album with intent and some tasty guitar.  The highlights continue to flow like a savage crystal clear river in the form of Horror Beyond Imagination, Congratulations on Second Place and Here’s Y.  This last example reveals some strings and a serene reflective quality.

With your passports at the ready, Destiny Chile injects a subtle funky texture in to the proceedings as the band continues their flair for the progressive amongst the maelstrom of their sound.  Album closer Who the Hell? delivers a punch to begin with before a usual twist and turn during the instrumentation takes the listener on another journey.

Some might say these guys are pretentious at their core while others will celebrate their knack for penning an arty form of hard rock music.  Both ultimately are understandable standpoints but what mustn’t be overlooked is their energy, conviction and ear for the edgy.

You wouldn’t find any of these songs smashing the charts anytime soon which is good news for this form of rock music.  Whilst it doesn’t contain screaming and brutality of the magnitude of hardcore or grindcore styles, it demands a little extra from the listener with arrangements containing prickles and misdirection.  The length of the album makes this task something obtainable and provides a positive experience for those on the receiving end.

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