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Emigrate – Silent So LongWhy should you care about this gem of an album and why should you take a moment to understand what is?  That’s a really good question in a world which continues to gain a fast pace on a daily basis.  If you’re an avid fan of the remarkable German combo then you’ll already be aware of and how groovy the act is.

In 2007 the self-titled album was unleashed and it was all thanks to the restless talent of guitarist .  Bringing a flare for the jagged, the modern and the slight industrial hints of his former gang of artists, he found a sound that was unique to him and this time around he persuaded some special guests to join him for the ride!

So who contributes to this sophomore bruiser?  Collaborations with (Get Down), the legendary (Rock City) and () amongst others can be witnessed between the fire and brimstone of this tight sounding beast of clinical fury.  Check out the infectious groove of funk which is Hypothetical featuring in fine form complete with a triumphant F-bomb to boot!

Silent So Long is more than a star-studded affair thankfully as Kruspe states “I didn’t write the songs with specific guests in mind.”  The music backs up his claim when your ears catch the hook in the chorus of Rainbow or the electronic funk slithering throughout Giving Up.  (Incidentally this latter example would have fitted like the proverbial glove.)

If you’re feeling adventurous and want something modern sounding which simultaneously contains a clean edge to not only the production values (courtesy of Emigrate and mixed by known for his work with , Disturbed and Slipknot amongst others) but also the precision in musicianship, this album comes highly recommended.

The magic trapped inside the releases of over the years can be detected on Silent So Long but somehow Emigrate have the extra value of possessing their own sound which translates as a new identity.  When listening to My Pleasure you may pick up on a vibe of Filter, whilst pop flavors permeate throughout the pulsing electronic-seduced Get Down.

Complete with many textures and quirky presentations, special guests and strong hooks – you could easily be swayed by the charms of Silent So Long and you wouldn’t be alone.  The universe of rock music offers up many spices to tantalize the taste buds, and what is so accommodating is how if the mood takes you, you can as easily crank up an album by a band like The Golden Grass with their elaborate approach to classic rock one moment; then slip on a crisp sounding modern album like this and feel an equally satisfying puzzle piece to fill the void of a different mood.

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