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faithsedge-theanswerofinsanity800 returns with their second album titled The Answer Of Insanity.   The band has been called a super group which is led by power packed vocalist Giancarlo Floridia who also plays guitar.  He joins guitarist Alex De Rosso (Dokken, Vertigo), producer and bassist Fabrizio Grossi (Steve Lukather/Alice Cooper), and drummer Tony Morra (Rebecca St James, Van Zant).  Adding to the convergence is Eric Ragno (Trixter) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Silent Force, Edge Of Forever) on keyboards, which is a perfect miscela for the metal and hard rock music coming from this band.

Formed in 2009, their sound has been classified as reminiscent of the 80’s hair bands with a flare of the 90’s.  could be classified as a cross between 80’s early 90’s before the scene went grunge.  They are a bit progressive, metal and a touch of 70’s as well.   Not only do they offer great hard rock, the Italoamericani band serves up heavy metal with sweeping melodies and exceptionally written lyrics.  The collaboration of talents with Floridia and the band along with the production by Grossi gives another added balance of rock with rips and hooks that will have any metal aficionado hitting the repeat button on the new album.

The eleven track disc dropped on September 1st in Europe and September 2nd for the remainder of the world.  The tracklist includes Now I Know the Truth, Revolve My WorldThe Way I Have to Let You GoAre We Gonna StandComes Crashing DownSaving Anything, Pray for This, Until You’re HomeWhen I Lost YouDestroy You and Vengeance.  The first four tracks are heavy hitting and Floridia’s vocal abilities and range are a bit reminiscent of David Lee Roth and even Mark Slaughter.  His high note capacity is as equivalent as those we’ve heard from both and he belts out the notes with ease.

The Answer Of Insanity is definitely much more sculpted, rounded and a tighter sound than was heard on their first album.  By no means dissing the original, this album shows the maturity and evolution made by a fantastic group of musicians that have come together to produce an album quite noteworthy.  The first four songs are fast, furious and will have you turn up the volume a notch or two as to really get into the heavy guitar riffs.  Comes Crashing Down and Pray for This are the ballad representations for the album with the classic metal melodies and emotional lyrics.  The remaining five tracks return with even more variations of hard drum licks from Morra as De Rosso and his riffs are accompanied by a heavy bass by Grossi and tied with keyboardists  Ragno and Del Vecchio, it is an album ready to be heard and added to any collection.

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