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Feral SunIf you search elsewhere within this online magazine, you’ll find an interview with Mick Burns who is the main brain behind this modern sounding hard rock unit.  He reveals how their hard work and relentless struggles have culminated in this debut album called Evacuate.  The time has come for it to be unleashed–so what is the verdict?

Evacuate has 11 tracks which juggle emotive sentiment and raw heartfelt observation with a mixture of light guitar in places and then ravaging distorted angst the next.  Highlights that attach themselves to resonating levels include Breathe, People Are Dying and Long Road.  Reminiscent of Silverchair during some moments but certainly edgier and fueled further on their determination to crawl out from the darkness which plagues them, you feel songs like Alone, Into Pieces and Caught in the Act could become very good friends to your music player of choice.

During the interview for this very online magazine, Burns said “The musicians that we’ve got now at the level that they are, are fantastic.  But also yes, I think I have grown as a songwriter, y’know with the lyrics, how to put things together.”  He speaks the truth as the cohesive quality is evident right up to the final track Falling.  Sharing a tight and well performed delivery, the production values do credit to their display, and there’s little to criticize on what has been a long journey to reach this point.

The album is due out at the end of March if you wish to be at the front of the queue you can pre-order on Amazon.  The opening riff to One More Day swaggers on its own groove while Take This Away offers a contrast between the fragility and the driven.  Some albums lack longevity and provide merely instant satisfaction.  Evacuate isn’t an album that drives down that highway; instead it gives pleasure on each new rotation.  Hard crunching rock music with a sensitive heart is the order of the day with this long player.

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