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Gemini Syndrome memento mori smallBirth, life, and death. The most essential of trilogies and one that alternative metal outfit  has been determined to explore since their formation in 2010. The band released their latest album entitled Memento Morior “Remember That You Will Die,” when translated directly from Latin, on August 19th. Their debut album Lux focused on birth and light. Having confessed that the upcoming release is a concept album, Memento Mori shifts the band’s focus on to mortality, life and the journey that comes with it.

Aaron Nordstrom’s vocals encompass everything from an angelic clean to goosebump-inducing screams. Brian Steele Medina and Alessandro Paveri bring the rhythm section to a technical level rarely seen in modern music. That, in addition to Daniel Sahagún and Charles Lee Salvaggio’s unique drop tuned guitar sound makes Memento Mori everything hard rock fans search for.

The album opens with Anonymous, a track which taps into the madness the 21st century has been enveloped by, while still invoking a positive message in not allowing chaos to divide us as a society. This flows right into the second track, Remember We Die, which serves as a fitting reminder not to waste what little time one has on this Earth. The album hits a brief lull with an interlude of sorts La Devastante Verita, a minute and a half instrumental piece typically expected of hard rock and metal acts. Wailing guitars meet some of Nordstrom’s heaviest vocals yet in Alive Inside. Things slow down in Say Goodnight. As an album that comes with a whole lot of riffing and moments that verge on Doom Metal, Say Goodnight serves as something refreshing and different.

With Memento Mori, one can expect to be introduced to a parallel universe of twists and turns… and it’s a universe that looks eerily similar to this one. Open your mind and prepare for the trip.

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