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Godhead-The Shadow RealignedIndustrial/gothic, Marilyn Manson-discovered rockers Godhead are back with their newest album The Shadow Realigned. Expected to release on April 29th, 2014 via Warrior Records, it contains 14 remixes from 14 different producers that vocalist Jason C. Miller says “they’ve come to be friends with” over the course of their music career.

According to Miller the precursor The Shadow Line was a defining album for the band, co-produced at their own studio, and they feel like on that album they were able to allow their sound to evolve. Now with The Shadow Realigned, they’ve taken the opportunity to bring in some producers they admire so they can produce an album that gives fans a completely new look at their material.

The producers they enlisted to work on The Shadow Realigned include Ben Moody, who’s worked with Evanescence, and industrial producer Joe Bishara, among others.

Some may say The Shadow Realigned doesn’t count as a “new” album release because it primarily contains remixes. While that may be true, Godhead also finished three unreleased tracks to add into the mix: a Godhead original, To Heal, and two covers Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode and God of Thunder by KISS.

It’s rare that a band can do a cover well, and Godhead sufficiently proves that point on The Shadow Realigned. Both covers are forced renditions, unrecognizable from the originals and not in a good way. But when they stick to their own sound, it seems promising that Godhead could have a killer album in the works. The Heal, the one new original song introduced, is a winner. It stays in line with Godhead’s distinctive dark enigmatic sound. We beg the members of Godhead to please put more stuff like this on a new full length album. It works and we can’t wait to see what you have in store. You’ll make fans happy if you maintain the industrial melodic sound that Godhead fans love you for.

Watch the music video for Your End of Days (Jamison Boaz remix):

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