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MY GOODNESS CD ART 7-23-14Remember when was considered the “holy land” for producing bands like Nirvana, and Soundgarden?  The music was dirty, gritty and called a myriad of names but the ones we’re mostly familiar with go something like this; garage rock, grunge, hardcore and alternative.  Keeping with tradition, isn’t letting anyone anytime soon.  Creating yet another unique sound born of the streets of that little hot bed of music in Washington state is duo My Goodness, who just released their debut, Shiver + Shake, on Votiv Music.

The stripped two member sound belonging to Joel Schneider (/vocals) and Andy Lum (drums) deliver a smooth sonic attack of pure indie filled with music reminiscent of The Black Keys, Little Hurricane, The White Stripes and The Kills.  The title track, , moves at a slow bluesy pace while Tooth brings back memories of and Gin Blossoms.  Check Your Bones delivers that feel while Cold Feet Killer and Letter To The Sun, shake, rattle and drip from infused rocking riffs and a driving back beat.

Shiver + Shake was recorded and produced by at Bridge Studio, who has helped form the sounds of Pearl Jam, and Blind Melon.  In 2001,  he produced 3 Doors Down’s record, Away From The Sun.  With a pedigree like that at the helm, has hit a home run.  When they go out on the road, in every city, they load the bases and hit it out of the park from every review you read about their shows.  Being just two guys, there’s a lot of stage space to absorb but they seem to be so entertaining, they’re casting a very BIG shadow.

Filled with 13 tracks that never sound like versions of the same song, deliver a little over an hour of entertaining lyrics and music enough to keep you addicted.  Addiction is cruel; you’ll them over and over again “jonesing”  for a show fix, giving new meaning to the words, Shiver + Shake.

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