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HATRIOT_DOTNC_cover1500x1500During a conversation recently on a website called , lead vocalist and main man behind the brutal thrash metal machine called , Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza explained, “What happened was I went to see a show that my son Nick was playing back in 2010, just to be the supportive dad and watch the kid jam, and at that very show I met Kosta Varvatakis, who was playing guitar in another band on the bill.  We talked thrash and exchanged numbers, and a few weeks later I got a call from him and he basically said he was quitting his old band and working on some demos, and wanted me to hear them.  So I checked his songs out and was floored by how good they were.”  The rest is history as were born and in 2013 they released their debut album Heroes of Origin.

The paint has hardly dried on that debut album which carried the energy and personality of Souza’s former band Exodus, and here you are reading a review for their follow-up!  Do not fear that there has been any remarkable transition in attitude or sound; Dawn of the New Centurion is full of fire and bravado with emphasis placed firmly on riffs and fury.  My Cold Dead Hands and Your Worst Enemy both rip up the furniture and assault the senses as phlegm and blood splatter the walls!

The Fear Within creeps in to view and provides gang-vocals contained with its epic length.  Check out the hint of Metallica during the opening segment of Honor in the Rise and Fall or the quirky laughter that cranks up album-closer Consolidation for the Insane, in order to witness the personality that shines in the music that record.

Most certainly a must-have purchase for those who yearn for the commercial glory days of Exodus when they were addicted to their Toxic Waltz. Who can resist a track called Superkillafragsadisticactsaresoatrocious for goodness sakes?

Equal measures of frivolous, calculating and rampant are the ingredients you may well deduce once you’ve recovered from the listening experience that is Dawn of the New Centurion.  Now then, how do you clean these walls?

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