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highway-4-matter-of-time-300pxFrom their very beginnings Highway 4 had no intention of following the herd.  Instead they chose the black sheep route, committing to music they wanted to hear, standing with authenticity and a loud voice.

Described as Halestorm meets the Foo Fighters they started in 2010 helmed by Kelly Brown, with guitarist Mike Angert and bassist Tylar Parker, wanting their groundbreaking mission statement slammed and imprinted on every song and ear.

The crowd funded Matter Of Time EP is the next step after 2014’s Up In Arms full-length debut. They carry and play an addictive, danceable, energy taking roots in the classic sounds of ‘70s rock, blues and the mysteries of the swamp while incorporating a glowing, youthful energy.

They’ve evolved musically and personally with two years of road time and experiences with 300 shows to write new stories about.

They’ve played with LA Guns’ Tracii Guns, BulletBoys, Blackberry Smoke, and Great White and more new music is on the horizon while prepping for an EP tour.

Brown exhales sweet bourbon over the four songs mirroring the sounds of the delta blues songstresses.  With calculated playing they crank out the tunes with a mixed jigger of country, rock, blues and bayou spirit.  With a little bit of Janis and a lil’ bit of Dorothy, Brown illuminates the mind while intoxicating the brain with her delivery.

Good starts like an experienced slow-pour, savoring the moment and process, running a ‘70s flavor with mellow, subtle, strong proofed blues.  The notes of Make Up Your Mind spill out like a bluesy voodoo spell.  Tonight plays with Heart vocals, getting a little rockier while Great Game is the romper of the set with a groove orientated street vibe with guitars and drums sounding off.

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