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House Of Lords Precious MetalIf you recall their previous series of albums since World Upside Down to Come to My Kingdom and Cartesian Dreams until their last studio album Big Money unleashed in 2011, you’ll be aware these melodic rockers like a big guitar sound and accommodate hooks whenever they possibly can.  No difference with their latest offering in the shape of Precious Metal.  Prepare for drama, a confident swagger and a wall of guitars as they attend the familiar and deliver within their comfort zone.

The ominous and highly regarded presence of the keys isn’t as prominent this time around as it was on previous releases as their focus this time around seems to be guitars.  James Christian remains the lung-buster that he’s always been, carrying off melody lines and punching each and every syllable with conviction.  You’ll be like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming fuel-injected motor-beast when you wrap your ears around songs like the opening Battle, or the driving Epic.  Christian’s wife makes a distinguished guest appearance on Enemy of Mine; Robin Beck tastefully tackling the duet with her husband accompanied by a backdrop of the more commercial side of House of Lords.

Precious Metal is a master-class in melodic hard-driven rock music where the emphasis as always is on the songs and retaining their overall sound.  On the title track, it’s notable how they step back from the rocking elements that mostly accost this album and put in a fabulous performance in ballad mode.  There is much to praise on Precious Metal as the listener is taken on a ride reaching out to the corners of rocky terrain and with subtle aplomb, sowing seeds of catchy hooks thanks to instantly accessible choruses.

2014 is really blossoming regarding rock music content, and when you hear this latest studio album by these experienced melodic rocking musicians, you’ll hopefully start getting that feeling too.


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