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It might be hard to believe that the band is celebrating their silver anniversary. It’s been 25 years since The Lumberjack came out and Jesse James Dupree started playing the chainsaw as a musical instrument? Yes, yes it has. And has stayed just as raunchy and wild as they were in 1992. To honor that accomplishment, the band has released 25, via Mighty Loud Records. The album includes 18 tracks from the discography, 2 of which were previously unreleased.

From the 1992 self-titled debut album are Down on Me, I Stand Alone, When Will It Rain, and of course, The Lumberjack. Jackyl’s next album was Push Comes to Shove, and this compilation includes the title track from that album, as well as Secret of the Bottle. Dumb Ass Country Boy and Cut The Crap from the album Cut the Crap made the cut, as did Kill the Sunshine off of 2002’s Relentless.

There are also newer tunes such as My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine’s Ass, Just Like a Negro ( featuring DMC), Screwdriver, Encore, Favorite Sin, Rally, and Just Because I’m Drunk. Those tracks are from When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide, Best in Show, and ROWYCO.

As for those previously unreleased tracks, one is a live version of the tune Redneck Punk. Of course there has to be a live track thrown in there, as Jackyl is known for their dynamic live shows. Also included is a cover tune from the band Black Oak Arkansas, Hot and Nasty. Recorded over 20 years ago, this tune has finally seen the light of day. The band chose to cover the tune because when they first started out they were often told that they sounded like Black Oak Arkansas, so they checked them out and recorded one of their favorites.

It doesn’t take much guesswork to figure out what you are going to find on a Jackyl album. They never claimed to be trying to reinvent the wheel. They just play loud, unfiltered, kick ass rock n’ roll. And that’s exactly what will be found on 25.

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