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Kaledon-Antillius-The-King-Of-The-LightThis Italian Power Metal combo were formed back in 1998 and have been slowly and steadily increasing their epic profile ever since.  In 2002 they unveiled their debut album Legend of the Forgotten Reign – Chapter I: The Destruction, and many years later the fans get to embrace and savor a brand new eighth studio opus (excluding their Mightiest Hits collection from 2012).

The beauty of Rome must have inspired a great many Metal and Rock overture during the preceding years, and you’d be fair to ask whether after an exhaustive recording career to date if the band had any more epic audible tapestries left in them?  Judging by the vast horizons Kaledon share with the listener on Antillius: The King of the Light you’d be impressed.

Founding member Alex “The King” Mele who proudly salutes followers of epic and at times Symphonic Metal by playing guitars; lead vocalist Marco Palazzi, fellow guitarist Tommy Nemesio, Paolo Campitelli providing complimentary keys, bassist Paolo Lezziroli and drummer Massimiliano Santori all combine so tightly together as they present a constantly flowing masterpiece unraveling a mighty tale about Antillius.

There are galloping moments in and amongst the anthem-like qualities of The Party, foot-stomping The Calm before the Storm and Light after Darkness.  You can sway with the truly grandiose Elisabeth which also features guest female vocals from Angela DiVincenzo, a singer best known for her vocal performances with fellow Italian Metal quartet Secret Rule.

With a sound as huge as any widescreen, big budget cinematic production, this album strides into battle with some weighty and strong arrangements as they share their latest concept album.  Best heard with the volume cranked up, your sword firmly by your side and in this instant your sandals ready to flip-flop through the grains of sand which cover the ground; prepare your ears for some varying textures, instrumentation, visions and triumphant performances of virtuosity!

Sweden may be known for hook-laden Rock and Metal music, the U.S. for their earthy Hard Rock and South America for its love of classic Heavy Metal and brutal audio flavors; but Italy is getting a reputation for well-crafted progressive examples of Rock and Metal music.  Kaledon are yet another fine example if one was needed, that Rome has given birth to another combination of visionaries and impressive artists who execute power and melody in the same breath as technical ability.

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