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Kontrust - ExplositiveHave you ever pondered over what it might be like to add spices or curry powder to your morning oatmeal?  Maybe you have been assaulted by a nagging curiosity over what it might be like to dip a hotdog in your hot chocolate instead of bothering with marshmallows?  If this sounds like you then the Austrian bunch called may have a sound which appeals.

Early Korn had moments of deep groove coated in a heavy and foreboding shadow; Rammstein tapped big grooves in their guitar department and many other acts have teased and touched on such riff-orientated slabs of dark and heavy funk; but are a breath of fresh air with their spin on the concept.

With a bubbly European flavor, they inject their personality into the prominent dirty great sharp riffs which swirl effortlessly on this latest studio album.  The opening track lets you know instantly what to expect from the remaining ten songs as Dance leaps into the air only to land doing the splits, and then leap back to its feet and with huge strides lumbers about like a bewildered giant platypus.

Explositive is an album relentlessly possessed by the beating heart of movement and energy with irritating insistence.  In this respect it feels one-dimensional and their main identity is instantly predictable once you’ve digested the opening song.  Why listen to an entire album when you can capture their vibe with one track?

The -based six-piece are made up of two vocalists (one female and one male) called Agata and Stefan who are joined by guitarist Mike, bassist Gregor and Roman furiously beating drums with Manuel handling percussion.

Imagine the sporadic insanity committed in the recording studio by System of a Down, stir feverishly before adding large portion suggestions of heavy groove-ridden guitar and consistent wild drum rhythms and you’re in the right ball park.  This is most notable on tracks like , Play! and Just Propaganda.

The other side of this coin is their manipulation of light electronic textures which border at times like gratuitous European Pop music, only to steer the listener into familiar guitar heavy territories at surprising turns and twists.

Sure it sizzles at times and sparkles on other occasions, but if you have the beginning of a headache coming on, it would be best advised to give this album a miss.  In other words, crank it up and celebrate with the band as they bounce off walls if you’re ready to skip with joy to school or work and you’re feeling shameless.

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