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LRSSome record labels have an ear for combinations of musicians and try to assemble the forces of these talented individuals to collaborate and unite.  One such example of this arrives with the debut album from this three-piece who in conjunction with a silky smooth and complementary production from Alessandro Del Vecchio, have crafted a cohesive and robust set of songs that are soaked in the glories of adult orientated rock music.

The talented trio are made up of (known for his vocal delivery on the 1992 album Salute by 21 Guns), guitarist Josh Ramos (The Storm, Hardline) and Michael Shotton (Von Groove and Airtime) who provides appropriate beats on the drums.  When you’re in the mood for a smooch and something romantic, they present a ballad in the shape of Almost Over You, but equally can provide something to wiggle to if you were so inclined; Never Surrender, the title track or Waiting for Love being prime examples.

Don’t go looking for innovation or anything daring with Down to the Core, it is rooted in the confines of classic melodic rock music as some light keys accompany restrained guitar and harmonious vocal displays.  It is on the other hand a good quality collection as you find yourself swaying along to the first single Livin’ 4 A Dream, which possesses a swagger in glitter and a light touch taking in a pleasant guitar solo before you arrive at the door of I Can take You There.  This latter track oozes class and is reminiscent of class acts like Toto, Journey or Work of Art with a firm grip on a solid arrangement and a tight delivery.  The press release would even have you believing there are hints of the classic elements of Triumph in the mix.

Lead vocalist Verdi had this to say in the aftermath of the completed album; “…it was very sad to leave each other after we finished recording and filming the videos. I really would love to get this band on the road and play these songs in front of a live audience.”  That is how much the musicians enjoyed making the album; just imagine how much you’ll get out of listening to it.

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