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LETTERS FROM THE FIRE - Worth The PainBay Area pop rock band Letters from the Fire have resurfaced with a new record, new direction and new voice leading the way.  Through struggles and turbulence they found new powerhouse Alexa Kabazie, who nailed the first take bringing the “fire” back.  The band quickly restructured the music making her the focus cranking out 13 powerful tracks.

Worth the Pain shares a few sides of heavy with the listener while staying in the pop bracket with a few whispers of pop diva bombast and balladry though the music often floats over to Skillet, Evanescence, Lacey Sturm, Eyes Set to Kill and The Letter Black territory.  Kabazie delivers nicely among power pop rock surroundings and an occasional grooving, slamming guitar riff.

Give in to Me has a kiss of Linkin Park with high energy hard edged guitar grooves and power chorus like a gospel message with electronic choir.  The strings and strums on Bruised accompany guitars and vocals carrying an emotional wisp, country vibe into ballad territory with concert/on the road video stamped on it.

My Angel’s is a memory-painted portrait of innocence lost and youth taken and matured. Last December’s power ballad inclined, techno fast paced bounce ricochets past memories.  Holy Ghost breathes of supernatural presence, haunting with rock vibes as melancholy strings mope and jump like roaming spirits.  At War opens with a power promo to the angels, carrying her voice with the weight of words and dramatic lyrics, piano driven into emotional tranquility praying toward the heavens.

Few good things happen when a slowed jack-in-the-box starts playing, Control opens with dramatic music and an intoxicating attraction toxic for the soul.  Worth the Pain offers the hindsight of 20/20 and lessons learned.

Scars has unsettled moments of past pain, trying to push forward with past memories pulling at your feet like dragging chains.

Worth the Pain lyrically screams loud, with guitars taking a few trips into heavier territory. The combination of rock, electronic sounds and Kabazie’s vocals make for a very listenable pop rock experience.


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