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mike-tramp-maybe-tomorrow-smallOn February 24th, Danish singer/songwriter Mike Tramp released his latest album, Maybe Tomorrow, two years after his album trilogy- Cobblestone Street, Museum, and Nomad. In the 80’s/early 90’s Tramp was best known as the lead vocalist of the band White Lion, with hits such as Wait and When the Children Cry making the girls with the big hair swoon. Even though that band as we knew it has been done for quite a while, Tramp never took a break, fronting the band Freak of Nature as well as releasing a string of solo releases. He has also continuously toured both North America and Europe and has been a part of the Monsters of Rock Cruises.

What is most evident when listening to Maybe Tomorrow, is that Tramp still has a strong voice. Many vocalists from White Lion’s heyday have trouble these days maintaining the sound they created as younger men. Not the case with Tramp by any means. Now, this is not a bang your head kind of album, as most songs are mid-tempo at most, if not a ballad. But as Tramp has said, “What I do is who I am….my music is simply an extension of who I am. It might not sound that interesting or mysterious! But in what other way can I express that my songwriting and music is the truthful life of Mike Tramp?”

Clearly the album’s emphasis is on storytelling and songwriting, and for the most part, it is a feel good, relaxing record, perhaps with the exception of Leaving One Day, which is slightly darker sounding, or  the album’s title track has a sad, emotional sound to it. But for those who love Tramp’s voice, this is most definitely an album to grab and listen to while chilling out with a glass of wine perhaps. It’s good to know that he still has it!

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